Concrete buster tools

Eprioc has introduced three new CB Concrete Busters for heavy foundation work and high reach demolition. Meanwhile, the firm’s sister company Erkat is now offering a new coupler system.
Materials / August 4, 2020
Epiroc’s new hydraulic attachments help with high reach demolition
Epiroc’s new hydraulic attachments help with high reach demolition

The new Concrete Buster models are additions to the proven CB range and are designed for carriers weighing from 40-85tonnes.

The CB 4500, CB 5500 and CB 7500 are said to offer high power to weight ratios and suit use with high reach or long front carriers. They can be used for applications with highly abrasive material and low level of visibility of the product in operation. They are also suitable where noise is an issue, such as in residential areas where hydraulic breakers are not permitted.

The units are said to offer wide jaw openings and high cracking forces for demolishing thick foundation walls or cracking girders and heavy concrete at extreme heights.

The CB tools have two powerful hydraulic cylinders for productivity, with the cylinders fully protected by piston rod guards. An integrated speed valve gives faster working cycles.

Eprioc’s sister company Erkat now offers rigid mount for its drum cutters
Eprioc’s sister company Erkat now offers rigid mount for its drum cutters

A feature on all CB Concrete Busters is 360° endless hydraulic rotation, which allows precise handling and optimal positioning. If the cutter grips the material at an oblique angle a built-in pressure relief valve brings the cutter jaw into position. This valve protects both the carrier and the cutter from damaging reaction forces.

The new CB 4500, CB 5500 and CB 7500 models offer crushing forces at the tip of 130tonnes, 150tonnes and 190tonnes respectively. Jaw openings for the three models are 1.4m, 1.6m and 1.8m respectively.

The complete CB range now comprises six models with service weights from 320kg to 7.4tonnes, for carriers weighing from 2-85tonnes.

Meanwhile, Erkat is now offering a rigid hitch system for use with drum cutters, in addition to the existing unit that can be rotated 360°. The new rigid Pro bracket offers optimised protection of the hoses during work in confined areas and areas with limited visibility.

The hydraulic hoses run directly along the excavator arm and are fed out to the back, in the centre of the extension arm for protection. The Pro bracket is compatible with the models ER 650 to ER 2000.

Erkat offers the Pro bracket with an optional water spraying system for demolition work and tunnel construction. The installation of an optional additional valve enables the overflow oil line and return to be combined so that the drum cutter can be connected to the hammer circuit of the excavator with just 2 hoses.

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