African contracts for Portuguese firm?

African contracts are being tendered for by a Portuguese firm.
Finance & Funding / September 10, 2020 15 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Portuguese contractor Mota Engil is bidding for road projects in Uganda and Cameroon image © courtesy of Evgenii Khadeev,

Two major road projects in Africa are being tendered for by the Portuguese contractor Mota Engil. The projects are for road improvements in East Africa and Central Africa, Uganda and Cameroon respectively.

The firm is bidding US$1.1 billion for the project in Uganda and the work involves improving the road connecting Kampala with Jinja. Meanwhile the project for Cameroon involves improving the road connection between the country’s two main cities, Doula and Yaounde, with Mota Engil entering a bid of $700 million.

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