Akron, Ohio benefiting from transport spending

Akron in Ohio is benefiting from transport spending.
Finance & Funding / May 14, 2021 40 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Akron in Ohio will benefit from new transport spending – image courtesy of © Sean Pavone, Dreamstime.com
The US city of Akron, Ohio stands to gain from a major spending budget directed towards improving its transport.

A massive budget of US$7.7 billion has been announced by the Akron Metropolitan Area Regional Transportation Study (AMATS) as its draft Transportation Outlook 2045. The plan would be to improve transport across all sectors, including public transit and roads, while also boosting sustainable active transport for pedestrians and cyclists. The budget has yet to be approved.

A significant portion of the budget would be directed towards road maintenance and upgrades, including new surfacing works. Some $133.5 million would be used for widening works for I-77 North, while replacing a bridge on SR 8 would cost an estimated $146 million.