Algeria developing its Sahara route

Algeria is developing its section of the Trans-Sahara route.
Finance & Funding / June 2, 2021 30 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Algeria is working on the Trans-Sahara highway project – image courtesy of © Sjankauskas,
Algeria is spending heavily on its portion of the important Trans-Sahara Highway route. The country has so far spent US$2.25 billion on developing the route. Work to around 850km of the route will be carried out in Algeria in time, although only a portion of the route is so far under construction. Work to a further 250km section is being planned. The project is being managed by Algeria’s Ministry of Public Works and Transport. The route crossing the Sahara is of immense economic importance to the countries along its route.

Meanwhile, the contract for a stretch of highway has been awarded by Algérienne des Autoroutes (ADA). The deal is worth over $183.9 million and was won by a consortium, CRDAC Cosider TP-SPA. The highway will connect the East-West Highway with the new Centre El-Hamdania port.