Cameroon’s road investments growing the road network

Cameroon’s road investments are expanding the country’s road network.
Finance & Funding / December 15, 2023 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Cameroon’s road budget is to be increased for 2024, with one of the projects being a new bridge spanning the Nyong River – image courtesy of © Ariel Nathan ADA MBITA |

Cameroon’s Government is investing heavily in expanding the country’s network. The Ministry of Public Works is looking to set a budget of close to US$960 million for road works in 2024, a significant increase from the $828.5 million in 2023.

This budget will allow for maintenance and upgrade works to existing routes, while also allowing for new road construction. The Cameroon Government intends to extend the country’s road network by 121% in the next 13 years. Improving road connections will help boost the country's economy by making the transportation goods easier.

Meanwhile, an $81.2 million loan from the African Development Bank (AfDB) will help pay for a new bridge spanning the Ntem River, improving the transport connection between Campo in South-West Cameroon and neighbouring Equatorial Guinea. This is the latest of a series of finance packages from the AfDB aimed at transport works for Cameroon.

And a new bridge will be built to span the Nyong River by China First Highway Engineering Company (CFHEC). The project is costing $14.5 million and it will take three years to complete the 160m bridge, which will be constructed from steel and concrete.

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