CECE construction machinery conference 2020

CECE plans a safe construction machinery conference for 2020.
Finance & Funding / May 21, 2020 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
CECE event
CECE will hold a virtual conference in contrast to the physical conference format that is its usual event

CECE and SACE, the European and Swedish construction equipment industry associations, are announcing the 2020 edition of the CECE Congress. This will focus on building trust and enabling innovation.

The event will be held online on 8th October, to ensure safety of all attendees. This is in acknowledgement of the unprecedented situation that Covid-19 has imposed on Europe. Because of the need to maximise safety, CECE and SACE decided to propose an alternative event by taking it online only.

The digital Congress will be livestreamed from a TV studio in Stockholm and will be free to access.

According to CECE, the Covid-19 crisis changed the business reality for all EU companies. The CECE Congress 2020 will provide a chance to learn how industry plans to recover. Virtual attendees will get a chance to learn from the cases of companies about the latest trends and challenges of the sector, as well as a better understanding of how the current economic situation could affect business.

CECE says that the event will help firms to prepare for times of change and industrial recovery and will provide an overview of the main market drivers around the globe. It will give a recap of technical regulation at EU level and allow virtual attendees to hear what key customers expect from industry as well as highlighting current and future challenges of the industry.

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