Cost rise for highway project in Hamburg, Germany

The cost has risen for a key highway project in Hamburg, Germany.
Finance & Funding / April 8, 2021 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Construction costs have increased for a highway project in Hamburg, Germany – image courtesy of © Marco Scisetti,

Construction work for the A26 Autobahn project close to Hamburg in Germany now looks to cost more than originally anticipated. Building the 10km stretch of the A26 was expected to cost €1 billion when the project was first planned. However, the project is now expected to cost as much as €1.85 billion. The project is being carried out in three sections. One costly section will be a raised stretch that includes a crossing over the River Elbe. Another will be a tunnel section.

The route lies to the east of Hamburg, connecting the existing A1 and A7. When complete, it is expected to carry 40,000-60,000 vehicles/day, including a high percentage of heavy trucks travelling to and from Hamburg’s port area. Work is expected to commence in 2025, with completion due on 2031. However, some local environmental groups oppose the construction of the link on the grounds that it will increase noise and pollution.