FAE revamping its operations

FAE is revamping its operations.
Finance & Funding / September 21, 2020 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
FAE Group in Italy is now revamping its operations to boost its profile
Italian firm FAE Group is revamping its operations, including introducing a new logo and corporate image. The firm now has subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Russia and Australia and four manufacturing facilities in Northern Italy. Revenues, which have increased over the years, will exceed €90 million in 2020.

The firm has undertaken a corporate restructuring process in recent months. Its PrimeTech brand of multi-purpose tracked vehicles for forestry and road maintenance will now be produced under the FAE name. These products will join the FAE Construction line. “We have decided to join forces to create economies of scale that enable us to be more competitive in the market,” said Diego Scanzoni, chairman of the FAE Group.

"We are also revamping our website and our social media channels," adds Davide Baratta, sales director of FAE Group, "and we are strengthening the marketing department in order to communicate even more effectively in all markets.”
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