Fayat Group sees strong financial performance in 2019

The Fayat Group has benefited from record sales during 2019.
Finance & Funding / February 4, 2020 40 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
The Fayat Group has benefited from record sales in 2019, with strong demand for all of its road machinery ranges

The Fayat Group has seen record financial performance for 2019. A growth in market share has seen the firm reach sales of US$5.1 billion. Meanwhile the workforce has grown to 22,000.

Jörg Unger, president of the FAYAT Road Equipment division commented, “We see 3 main priorities driving the industry: advancing safety, improving environment and harnessing digitalisation are at the heart of every machine, so contractors can be more productive, efficient and profitable. Specifically on planning and documentation of jobsites, but also in operator assistance systems to improve both the quality of work and also the safety of the jobsite, the FAYAT Group is presenting solutions for all of these.”

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