Funding for Sicilian highway projects

Funding is being secured for Sicilian highway projects.
Finance & Funding / June 28, 2022 40 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Sicily is to benefit from funding for infrastructure works – image courtesy of © Fabrizio Mariani |
The Italian Government is providing funding for a series of infrastructure projects in Sicily. A total of €1 billion will be provided for infrastructure.

One of the main projects will be the upgrade of the highway linking Syracuse and Gela. A budget of €350 million is being provided for the work, with the stretch between Modica and Scicli being targeted for the maintenance and improvement works. In addition, €33 million will be provided for upgrading of the E18 route, also in Sicily.

The railway linking Messania, Caterna and Palermo will benefit from an €408 million upgrade, with dams and waterworks also amongst the infrastructure being improved.