German bridges targeted for rebuilding

German Autobahn bridges are being targeted for rebuilding.
Finance & Funding / March 24, 2022 17 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
© Zbieg2001,
Germany will prioritise bridge replacement on key highways during 2022 – image courtesy of © Zbieg2001,
Germany has plans to improve bridges on much of the country’s Autobahn network. High on the priority list will be work to the A45 Autobahn route, which links the Ruhr area with the important business centre of Frankfurt.

A number of the bridges along the route are in poor condition and in desperate need of maintenance, repairs or replacement. The bridge spanning the Rahmede Valley had to be closed to traffic in late 2021 due to concerns over its structure. It will have to be demolished entirely and replaced.

A budget of €530 million has been set by the German Government’s road firm, Autobahn.