Italian highway deal signed

A major Italian highway deal has been signed.
Finance & Funding / August 3, 2021 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
Sacyr is part of the SIS Consortium, which now has a concession package for the A3 route in Italy
The SIS consortium has signed a concession deal for the A3 Autostrade route in Italy. The highway stretch connects Naples with, Pompei and Salerno.

Estimations expect the highway to obtain a future revenue backlog of €2.7 billion throughout the 25-year concession term. The SIS consortium comprises Sacyr with a 49% stake and Fininc with a 51% share. This 25-year concession contract is Sacyr’s third PPP project in Italy, a priority market for the company in which it already has a backlog greater than €17 billion.

The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport awarded SIS this contract, which includes the execution of construction works totalling €390 million to update and improve the safety as well as maintenance for several segments of the highway, in addition to operating and maintaining the roadway.

The highway has an average daily traffic (ADT) of nearly 90,000 vehicles and a total 1.69 million annual VKT (vehicles-kilometres travelled). The highway extends 52 km from Naples to Salerno.

The A3 is important for the southern Naples region, as it connects the Vesuvius coast with the ports of Naples and Salerno to the rest of the region’s highways.
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