Liebherr expands its operations in Alsace

Liebherr is expanding its operations in Alsace.
Finance & Funding / June 23, 2023 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
Liebherr will establish a new facility in Alsace

Liebherr intends to expand its operations in Alsace. The firm is developing its capabilities at Liebherr-France for 2025, spending €170 million to purchase an industrial site area in Alsace. For several years, Liebherr-France has been planning to relocate certain activities to the vicinity of its existing manufacturing site in Colmar. This is in order to further strengthen both its competitiveness and its independence in the long term.

Liebherr decided to purchase a site in the EcoRhena industrial park in order to establish a new location for its Colmar production company. The industrial park in Nambsheim, France, is under the responsibility of a French special-purpose association (Syndicat Mixte Ouvert), which also manages the Rhine port of Colmar/Neuf-Brisach. With the support of this Syndicat Mixte Ouvert, Liebherr-France SAS has acquired the land at the EcoRhena business park in Nambsheim (Haut-Rhin). Close to the existing Liebherr-France in Colmar, not far from the Swiss and German borders and in close proximity to a multimodal transport centre, the EcoRhena site offers the ideal location for this project.

One production area will be dedicated to the production of important welded parts for Liebherr's construction machinery portfolio, such as crawler and mobile excavators. These include components of the chassis or work equipment. This area will offer a wide range of technical professions in the fields of welding, machining and plant engineering, among others. A second production area is planned for pre-assembly and assembly work on driver's cabs for Liebherr construction machinery.

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