Mauritania-Algeria road project planned

A new road project is planned to connect Mauritania and Algeria.
Finance & Funding / July 26, 2022 30 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A road development project will improve transport between Mauritania and Algeria – image courtesy of © Hyotographics |
An improved road link will be constructed between Mauritania and Algeria following an agreement between the respective administrations of both countries. The 775km route will connect Zouerate in Mauritania with Tindouf in Algeria.

At present the N1 road linking Mauritania and Algeria runs through part of the disputed Western Sahara territory. It is not clear whether the alignment for the improved road will follow the same route or deviate through Mauritania.

The project is of key importance for Mauritania and will boost its transport connections to its neighbours. An earlier project for a new bridge between Mauritania and Senegal is also underway. Much of the funding for the project will come from Algeria, which has had considerable experience with improving its own road network in recent years. The project forms part of a wider programme of transport infrastructure development by Algeria to develop its international links. A series of road works are underway across North Africa and West Africa that will boost international transport between the nations.