Mongolian road works planned

Mongolian road works are being planned.
Finance & Funding / November 17, 2020 20 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Mongolia is planning road development works – image © courtesy of Tony Bosse,
Plans are in hand in Mongolia for a series of road development works in the next four years. The programme calls for the construction of 2,022km of surfaced roads. In addition, new concrete bridges will be built under the plans.

At present, a plan is being carried out for 2,000km of roads being built during 2020.

Financing for this new programme will be delivered through a combination of state funding, loans from international sources and by PPPs.

New highway stretches will connect Darkhan with Altanbulag and Nalaikh with Bayan, featuring two lanes in either directions. The 58km road linking capital Ulaanbatar with Uvurkhangai will be improved, as will the 127km route connecting Bayankhongor with Gobi-Altai. Constructill be carried out on the 67km route connecting Tosontsengel and Uliastai.