New Brazil road auctions opening

New Brazil road auctions will be opening in 2022.
Finance & Funding / March 7, 2022 17 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Important road stretches are being offered at auction in Brazil during 2022 – image courtesy of © Natanael Alfredo Nemanita Ginting,
Auctions of important road concession packages will be held in Brazil during 2022.

One of the auctions will be for a 522.5km section of highway linking Ananindeua and Maraba in Para State. The auction is being managed by the Para State Government and will be for a 30-year concession package. The road will require an investment of US$496.1 million and the tender will be handled by June 2022.

Meanwhile, the BR-060/153/262 road that connects Brasilia in the Federal District with Betim in Minas Gerais State will now be offered again. The road has been managed by Concebra, a subsidiary of Triunfo.