Road construction stimulus for Australia

A road construction stimulus package is planned for Australia.
Finance & Funding / July 8, 2020 1 minute 5 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new government-backed funding programme will help pay for new road works in Australia - image © courtesy Sjankauskas,

A new road construction stimulus package is being planned for Australia. The Federal Government is backing the move in a bid to revive the economy in the wake of the pandemic. This financing will be directed towards road projects that are in the final planning stages, fast tracking them to start.

In New South Wales (NSW), funding for the work will be provided jointly by Australia’s Federal Government and the NSW State Government. The funding will be worth some US$705.3 million (A$1 billion) in all. The NSW State Government is providing 57% of the funding, with the Federal Government providing the remaining 43%. The funding package will be used to improve road safety in NSW, to improve regional roads and also to address traffic congestion in 11 particular areas known for delays around Sydney.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government is pledging a further $1.06 billion (A$1.5 billion) for works in Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory, ACT and Tasmania. The governments in these states will also contribute to road projects that are already planned.

For Queensland, a sum of $292.7 million (A$415 million) will help to carry out infrastructure work, including upgrades to the Gateway Motorway Flyover and the Burke and Gregory Developmental roads.

In Western Australia, a further $157.3 million (A$223 million) from state and federal sources will help to carry out work on the Great Eastern and Bussell Highways, as well as boosting road safety on regional roads.

South Australia will benefit to the tune of $101.9 million (A$144.5 million), which will be used to improve regional roads, increase capacity for road freight around Adelaide and also boost road safety.

For the Northern Territory $37.4 million (A$53 million) will be made available to boost road safety for the Stuart Highway, Barkly Highway and Victoria Highway.

A sum of $32.44 million (A$46 million) will be used to upgrade roads in Tasmania, including improvements for the Huon Highway and Sandfly Road junction.

The Australian Capital Territory will also receive $24.7 million (A$35 million) for road improvements, the bulk of which will be used to improve the Monaro Highway.