Road development works for Sydney, Australia

Road development works are planned for Sydney, Australia.
Finance & Funding / January 26, 2023 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
New road works are planned in Sydney, Australia - image courtesy of © Izanbar |

New road expansion works are being planned for Sydney in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. A budget of US$698 million (A$1 billion) has been set for the work by the NSW State Government.

A total of 15 local government areas will benefit from the work. Key projects include the $209.4 million (A$300 million) upgrade of the Windsor Valley Bypass, $69.8 million (A$100 million)  for the Windsor Creek Bypass and $139.6 million (A$200 million) for safety improvements to Elizabeth Road.

Traffic congestion will be reduce along key routes by the work, while road safety will also benefit.