Saudi Arabia planning major highway projects

Saudi Arabia is planning to build a series of major highway projects.
Finance & Funding / April 6, 2021 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Saudi Arabia is aiming to start a series of major road projects in due course – image courtesy of © Marcos Souza,
A series of road projects is being planned by Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Transport. Infrastructure development will be a major focus for the country in coming years, with plans being drawn up for around 1,000 projects in all. A massive budget of US$160 billion has been set by the ministry to help transform the country and improve its transport infrastructure.

The projects have been discussed at the recent Future Projects Forum, organised by the Saudi Contractors Authority in collaboration with SABIC and Saudi Aramco.

Road building will figure highly in the plans to improve transport infrastructure. Key road projects include the new Dhahran-Al Batha road that will be built to connect the Jubail Highway and Dammam highway. They also include the Al-Shimassi-Al Qor highway in Makkah and a new 400km dual carriageway to connect Hail and Al-Ula.