Serbia: Laz, Munjino Brdo tunnels restart

The tunnels are part of the A2, also called the Miloš the Great Motorway.
Finance & Funding / June 3, 2020 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
When finished, the A2 will run from the capital Belgrade to a future Boljare border crossing with Montenegro (photo © Ebastard129/Dreamstime)

Work has restarted on two of the largest tunnels along Serbia’s A2 motorway, also called the Miloš the Great Motorway.

The 2.9km Laz Tunnel and 2.8km Munjino Brdo tunnel are part of the 31km Preljina-Pozega section of the A2.

Work was halted along parts of the route as the country went into lockdown over the Covid-19 pandemic.

Serbia struck a deal with China Communications Construction Company – CCCC - worth €450 million in 2017 for construction of the Preljina-Pozega section. The route also includes the 360m Trbušani Tunnel.

When finished, Serbia’s A2 will run for 258km from the capital Belgrade south towards Montenegro ending at a future Boljare border crossing. This motorway will provide faster link with Montenegro by attaching to its Bar-Boljare motorway, currently under construction. The route is part of the pan-European Corridor XI which will include a ferry linking Bari in Italy with Bar in Montenegro.