South Sudan roads development: World Bank backing

The World Bank is backing South Sudan roads development.
Finance & Funding / January 22, 2024 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
The World Bank will help pay for essential road works to develop transport in South Sudan – image courtesy of © Erich Karnberger|

An important road development programme in South Sudan is benefiting from backing from the World Bank.

The South Sudan Transport Sector Development Project is intended to improve transport in the country. Landlocked, South Sudan relies heavily on road transport but its network is underdeveloped and travel by road is slow.

Improving the road network will give a major economic boost to the country, which it desperately needs.

A number of road connections will be placed as a priority for maintenance and improvement works. These include the 193km route between capital Juba and Nimule, the 350km route linking Malakal with Nasir and Jikao and the 360km route connecting Wau with Raja, Boro and Medina. Other routes being prioritised for improvement include the 230km route connecting Bor and Pibor, the 260km route linking Ikotos with Kiyali and Mogiri, the 243km road between Bentiu, Pariang, Tonga and Malakal and the 230km route connecting Adok, Leer and Bentiu.

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