Thailand is developing and expanding its road links

Thailand is spending for the future on developing and expanding its road links.
Finance & Funding / October 6, 2020 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Thailand’s road system is to benefit from major development works - image © courtesy of Sarah Biswell
Thailand’s Ministry of Transport is setting out plans for the development and expansion of its road network. The aim of the programme is to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of Thailand’s total road network. New roads will connect the capital Bangkok to Thailand’s Southern Region, in a bid to help reduce the chronic congestion that occurs at present.

Highway work will be carried out to improve transport between Phetchaburi's Cha-am district and Nakhon Pathom. Work on this 109km route will cost an estimated US$2.41 billion. Construction is starting shortly and will take until 2025 to finish.

Meanwhile, building the planned Rama II route is expected to cost $915.2 million. The route will be an elevated highway featuring three lanes in either direction and should be ready for traffic in 2024, with the stretch between Bang Khunthian and Ekkachai due for completion in 2022.

In addition, plans are being drawn up for a concrete bridge to span the Mae Klong River that will lie alongside the existing structure. And a 37km highway is also planned for Phetchaburi province.