Trans-Sumatra Highway toll road project

The Trans-Sumatra Highway toll road project is being prioritised.
Finance & Funding / June 8, 2020 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Work is being prioritised on Indonesia’s Trans-Sumatra toll road project – image courtesy of © 350jb,

Indonesia is prioritising work on the Trans-Sumatra toll road project. Three sections of the route are to benefit from new funding sources.

Funding worth US$725.8 million is being sourced from the Indonesian Government to pay for the work. The three sections to benefit run between Pekanbaru and Dumai, Simpang Indralaya and Muara Enim and also Pekanburu and Pangkalan. These stretches measures 131km, 119km and 95km respectively.

In all, the route of the Trans-Sumatra toll road runs for some 2,765km, connecting Lampung on Sumatra’s southern tip and Aceh in the north.