US$2 billion South Korean superhighway proposal

A US$2 billion South Korean superhighway is being proposed.
Finance & Funding / April 1, 2024 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new highway linking Gwangju and Yeongam-gun is planned for South Korea – image courtesy of © Ngchiyui|

A superhighway costing nearly US$2 billion is being proposed by the South Korean Government. The 47km superhighway would be located in South Jeolla Province. The highway would connect the city of Gwangju to Yeongam-gun, where the new Korea International Circuit is located.

One of the more notable proposals for South Korea's innovative highway is that it may emulate German Autobahn stretches by allowing a maximum speed limit of up to 200km/h, or even be unlimited. The route will also be used for autonomous vehicles. A preliminary study into the highway is due to be carried out shortly.

The new highway will cut journey times from 70 minutes to just 20 minutes. South Jeolla Province intends that the project will be part of its five year plan for 2026-2030. 

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