HAB wins Oslo E18 tunnel work

Work starts this summer on the Bygdøylokket and Sjølystlokket tunnels on European Route 18.
Maintenance / March 20, 2023 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
Norway has around 415km of the European Route E18, of which 190km are motorway and which runs through the capital Oslo (image courtesy © Janusorlov/Dreamstime)

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen) has awarded a €12.67 million deal to HAB Construction for renovation of the E18 tunnels southwest of Oslo.

According to the agency, many of the city’s tunnels have been upgraded over the past several years. Work will start this summer on the Bygdøylokket and Sjølystlokket tunnels on the European Route 18.

HAB was chosen for the work, which will include flood protection, over the contractor Isachsen Anlegg. HAB and Statens Vegvesen will now enter discussion over details of the work, said Elin Hermanstad Havik, project manager in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Both tunnels are cut-and-cover construction. Bygdøylokket was built in 1959 and rebuilt in 2001 while the 167m-long Sjølystlokkett was opened in its current form in 2003.

Work includes upgrading the culvert to Hoffselva under the Sjølystlokkett, upgrading the stormwater system, renewal of gutters and drains, replacement of lighting, and implementation of traffic safety measures in the daytime zone

The 1,890km European Route E18 runs from Craigavon in Northern Ireland to Saint Petersburg in Russia, passing through Scotland, England, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Norway has around 415km of the E18, of which 190km are motorway.