India’s Uttar Pradesh State road development

India’s Uttar Pradesh State has set out a road development programme.
Maintenance / August 5, 2021 30 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
India’s Uttar Pradesh state looks set to benefit from new rural roads – image courtesy of © Viktoriia Mona,
India's Uttar Pradesh State has set out major plans for road development works. The programme will improve rural road connections across the state, delivering better transport links to those areas that currently suffer poor infrastructure.

India’s Government has yet to provide its approval for the programme. Should the work get the official go ahead, it will see the construction of around 10,000km of new roads in rural areas in the state. There are 6,500km of roads being built in Uttar Pradesh State at present, as well as 800 new roads and five bridges. Maintenance work will also be carried out to existing routes under the programme.

A budget for the rural road development programme has not been revealed at present.