Rebuilding Australia’s flood-damaged roads in NSW

Rebuilding work will be carried out for Australia’s flood-damaged roads in NSW
Maintenance / October 21, 2022 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
Flood-damaged roads in NSW will benefit from repair works – image courtesy of © Izanbar |

Flood-damaged roads in New South Wales (NSW), Australia will be repaired following a statement by the State Government. A finance package worth US$199 million (A$312.5 million) has been secured by the NSW State Government to pay for the necessary works. 

The repair works will be carried out as part of the Regional Roads and Transport Recovery Package (RRTRP). The improvement works will be carried out in northern NSW for 26 flood-affected local government areas (LGAs). Australia was hit by devastating floods earlier in 2022, the worst on record, that caused widespread damage in NSW and Queensland. 

Maintenance work will be included along with the repairs and improvements. The work will help to improve existing road structures while also making them more resilient and able to cope with future climate change issues.