Road improvements in Mexico’s Jalisco State

Road improvements have been carried out in Mexico’s Jalisco State.
Maintenance / November 11, 2022 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Road improvements have been carried out successfully in Mexico’s Jalisco State – image courtesy of © Zimmytws,

Mexico’s Jalisco State has been operating a highly successful road improvement programme. The work has seen upgrades and maintenance works carried out to 3.645km of roads and highways across Jalisco State.

A budget of US$737.3 million has been spent on road improvements in Jalisco State over the last 36 months. Around 82% of state roads have been improved, with 48 routes being maintained and upgraded during 2022 alone. Repairs and improvements have been scheduled for 30 bridges in Jalisco State during 2022, with the work having been completed on 17 of the bridges.