Severn Bridges deal for Amey

Amey Transport Infrastructure is handling maintenance for the Severn Bridges in the UK.
Maintenance / December 3, 2020 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
Amey is working on a new bridge maintenance package for Highways England – image courtesy of © Chrisp543,
Amey Transport Infrastructure is now working on its 15-year contract awarded by Highways England to maintain the Specialist Bridge Inspection and Maintenance contract (SBIM) for Avonmouth and Severn Bridges. The firm took on 60 new personnel now that the Highways England Avonmouth and Severn Bridges contract has gone live.

The contract is worth £16 million/year. Amey maintain will the three major structures; the 1.4km M5 Avonmouth Bridge, the M4 Prince of Wales Bridge which comprises three structures, the 2.1km Avon Viaduct, 948m Cable Stay and 2.077km Gwent Viaduct as well as the 1.6km M48 Severn Bridge, a suspension bridge that has the second highest tidal range in the world at 14.5m.

The Amey team will be responsible for the cyclic maintenance, daily structure inspection checks and safety patrols as well as responding to any incidents that impact the structural integrity of the bridges.

Of the new personnel, 56 will manage the Specialist Bridge Inspection and Maintenance contract (SBIM) for Avonmouth and Severn Bridges on behalf of Highways England.

From today, Amey will also become a member of the South West Asset Delivery Community, ensuring the contract provides the best possible value for money and service to its customers through the collaborative network with suppliers and other service delivery partners operating on this contract.

This contract builds on various Highways England contracts with Amey which includes Amey Consulting’s design projects and a five-year FM contract to provide facilities and asset management across Highways England extensive and growing operational estate.
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