Slovakia road works programme

Slovakian road improvement works are being carried out.
Maintenance / November 4, 2021 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Road improvement works will benefit Slovakia’s Class 1 network - image © Sjankauskas/Dreamstime

A programme of road improvement works is being carried out in Slovakia. By the end of 2021, 227km of the country’s Class 1 roads will have been improved and in some instances, totally rebuilt in a schedule worth €56 million. So far around 151km of Slovakia's Class 1 roads being targeted in the upgrade programme have already benefited from improvements.

The programme has been planned by Slovakia's Ministry of Transport and Construction. By 2024, the plans call for maintenance and improvement works to have been carried out to 600km of roads, with the programme expected to cost in the region of €166.6 million.

The management of the programme is being handled by Slovakian road firm SSC. Two consortia are carrying out the works. One consortium comprises Eurovia SK and Doprastav, while the other consortium comprises MBM-Group, Skanska SK and Cestne Stavby Liptovsky Mikulas.
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