Utah’s bridges are in good condition

Utah’s bridges are in good condition according to a new report.
Maintenance / September 13, 2022 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Utah stands out in the US for having a high percentage of highway bridges in good condition – image courtesy of © Ivaylo Sarayski | Dreamstime.com

A report from the US Federal Highway Administration shows that most highway bridges in Utah are in good condition. According to the report, only two highway bridges of the 1,382 in the state are in poor condition. This contrasts strongly with the condition of bridges in other US states.

The report shows that Utah has the best standard of highway bridges for the US. There is a widespread issue with regard to poor bridge condition in most states in the US. However, a focus on bridge maintenance by Utah Department of Transportation has resulted in the state managing to ensure that standards are high.

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