West Sussex award for FM Conway

FM Conway wins West Sussex road maintenance package.
Maintenance / June 19, 2024 58 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
FM Conway has won a major award for West Sussex in the UK

FM Conway, has been appointed to two Lots of West Sussex’s Highways Capital Delivery Services Framework to deliver carriageway and footway resurfacing, in addition to infrastructure improvement schemes.

FM Conway has secured a place on Lot 4 and Lot 6 of the new four-year framework, which will run from 1st April 2024 to 31st March 2028 with the option for a further two years.

FM Conway will now compete alongside four other suppliers on each Lot via a mini competition for schemes and projects made available through the framework. After previously being appointed to Lot 4, the business has been awarded a place on Lot 6 for Infrastructure Improvement projects, allowing the Sevenoaks-based supplier the chance to demonstrate its civil engineering capability within the county. Lot 6 has an estimated value of £58m across the initial four-year contract term and will provide the opportunity to bid for highway improvement schemes ranging from £25,000 to £2 million projects.

In addition, the business has also once again secured a place on Lot 4 to deliver Carriageway and Footway Resurfacing schemes, after holding a spot on the previous four-year contract from 2020. The new Lot, valued at an estimated £80 million, will see FM Conway build on the success of last year’s operations where they completed resurfacing works across more than 90 sites in the county.

The appointment to two Lots of the new framework now enables FM Conway to continue using its industry-leading range of facilities and expertise, such as its bitumen supply and technology centre, to explore new efficiencies surrounding recycling, sustainability, and low carbon materials across West Sussex.


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