The pressure is on Bobcat

The high-pressure water sprayer can be used on streets and many other surfaces.
Maintenance / July 27, 2020 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
Other product features include a floating front wheel for smoother operation

A high-pressure washer is the latest addiction to Bobcat’s more than 100 attachments designed for the company's skid-steer, compact track and all-wheel steer loaders.

It can be used for spraying high-pressure water on city streets, roads and many other surfaces and comes as a plug-and-play design for quick and easy to connection.

Bobcat says that the sprayer’s compact dimensions guarantee maximum efficiency and simplify transportation. Meanwhile, the front sprayer is adjustable, allowing it be easily adapted for all types of work.

Working closely with the supplier, a Finish company, Dynaset, Bobcat transforms the hydraulic power of the loader to pressurised water without any loss of power. This simplicity is also key to the ease-of-use and low maintenance of the attachment, ensuring increased uptime and more working hours.

Other product features include the floating front wheel, which allows the washer to work more smoothly and faster. The new attachment is simple to clean and the absence of rotating parts in the high-pressure pump increases durability and ensures low maintenance requirements, according to Bobcat.

The operator can operate the sprayer  either from the cab or while on foot and using a handgun for more targeted high-pressure water cleaning or sanitisation of various objects. “The washing handgun and accompanying 20m hose reel provide an easy switch from the front sprayer to handheld washing,” explained Daniele Paciotti, product line manager for attachments at Bobcat in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

There are three different pressure washer attachment models - the 250S, 250M and 250L, “Wherever much larger dedicated machines cannot gain access or where the job must be done mechanically, the new pressure washer attachment mounted on a Bobcat loader is the best way to clean surfaces,” he said.

The 250S pressure washer model is intended for the Bobcat S100 skid-steer loader. Next in the range is the 250M model, which is approved for use on all Bobcat skid-steer loaders from the S450 to the S650 model and the T450, T590 and T650 track loaders. The third model, the 250L, is designed for the S630, S650, S770 and S850 skid-steer loaders and the T590, T650, T770 and T870 for compact track loaders.

To work with the attachment, all the loaders - except for the S100 - must be equipped with the Bobcat attachment control kit which is standard on the high-flow machines.

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