Screening system for clay operation

A company in the US is now using an Allu Transformer M 3-20 material processing attachment at its operation in Tennessee.
Maintenance / May 4, 2020


The company purchased the M-Series screener/crusher attachment from Allu to use on a Hitachi 650 excavator. The attachment is being used to crush clay to a size of less than 100mm. Because of the versatility of the attachment, the firm can also use the unit to load haul trucks.

The material is difficult to process but the firm realised that the ALLU Transformer M-320 unit would meet its needs. As a result, the firm has been able to process material from areas that were not in use, as well as recovering material from stockpiled waste heaps. The new unit has delivered a fast repayment time as it has allowed the firm to process material that would otherwise be considered waste.


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