Versatile dumpers from Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson is now offering improved dumpers in the shape of its latest DW60 and DW90 models.
Maintenance / September 2, 2021
The new DW60 and DW90 site dumpers from Wacker Neuson offer versatility
The new DW60 and DW90 site dumpers from Wacker Neuson offer versatility

These offer additional options and improved safety features over earlier machines from the firm. The dumpers have hydrostatic drive to all four wheels, automatic ECO mode and an auto-stop function.  

The DW60 has a 6tonne payload while the DW90 has a 9tonne payload and the machines retain the compact dimensions of the earlier designs, as well as offering good off-road capabilities due to the proven articulated pendulum joint.

Power comes from diesels that meet Stage V emissions requirements while both models are equipped as standard with a front tip skip. The DW60 model is available with a swivel tip skip that can be turned by 180° and can be filled with material from either side. This allows the machine to be used for filling trenches or in small spaces.

Operation is said to be easy while the driveline is said to deliver a constant tractive force from rest up to maximum speed. The hydrostatic brake effect, begins as soon as the foot comes off the accelerator pedal. In addition, the brake lights illuminate when the machine slows.

Another feature contributing to exhaust emission reduction is the standard auto-stop function: this shuts the machine off automatically after a predefined period of time not in use. At the same time, electric consumers such as headlamps are also switched off to conserve the machine’s battery.

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