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Caterpillar is introducing two new technologies for its mini excavator range, Ease of Use Indicate and E-Fence. These are offered for the Cat 306 CR, 308 CR and 309 CR next generation mini hydraulic excavators.
Maintenance / April 21, 2023
Caterpillar is offering new technology for use with its mini excavators
Caterpillar is offering new technology for use with its mini excavators

The E-Fence tool limits machine motion to within preset boundaries, while the Ease of Use Indicate system helps operators to reach grade faster. These technologies are suited to a wide range of applications, allowing operators of all experience levels to work efficiently and consistently.

The Ease of Use E-Fence system automatically constrains machine motion to operator preset boundaries. Operators can use these to avoid structures overhead, underground, in front, or to the left or right of the machine.

Once the E-Fence range limits are established using the machine’s touchscreen monitor, no part of the boom, stick or bucket will pass the limits. Setting height limits using E-Fence Ceiling helps operators avoid obstacles such as powerlines or underground utilities. Structures in front of the machine are protected by E-Fence Wall, and the system is of benefit when the machine is working next to live traffic or walkways or loading trucks.

E-Fence is ideal for new operators and helps minimise job costs from repairs and downtime due to equipment damage and fines. For experienced operators, E-Fence allows efficient working with fewer ground personnel required around the work area.

An entry-level grade system, the Ease of Use Indicate system provides visual and audible indications to bucket position compared to target grade. With Indicate, the operator selects target depth and slope from the in-cab guidance system, and the monitor provides real-time work-in-progress and distance-to-grade feedback.

Both the Ease of Use E-Fence and Indicate are packaged with Swing Assist and Bucket Assist features. Swing Assist automatically stops machine swing at one or two set points, suiting truck loading and trenching applications. It helps operators, reducing fuel use and improving cycle times. Bucket Assist maintains last known bucket angle and keeps the cut accurate in sloping, levelling, fine grading and trenching applications.

Current production Cat 306 CR, 308 CR and 309 CR Next Gen Mini Hydraulic Excavators are shipped from the factory Ease-of-Use-ready to reduce installation time in the field. Ease of Use Indicate and E-Fence can be ordered bundled together or as separate feature packages, installed at the factory or through Cat dealers as an upgrade kit.

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