Accurate asphalt paver control from Trimble 

Using the new Trimble Roadworks Paving Control Platform version 2.10 is said to boost the accuracy and efficiency of asphalt paving work. The system now benefits from Horizontal Steering Control and is offered on Vögele Navitronic asphalt pavers. The addition of Horizontal Steering Control and automatic screed width control is said to be a major step ahead in operator assistance for users of Vögele pavers.
bauma 2022 / October 27, 2022
Trimble claims high accuracy for its asphalt paving control system
Trimble claims high accuracy for its asphalt paving control system

The system can be used to steer Vögele asphalt pavers automatically and also controls the screed width. The steering and screed functions follow a 3D design, which is programmed into the system. According to Trimble, this is the most advanced 3D paving technology the company has developed so far.

Providing auto steering and screed control allows for higher-quality paving while also meeting high accuracy requirements and boosting productivity. As the system controls these functions, the operator has more of a machine supervisory role and will be less fatigued than when using conventional systems.  

Other improvements from the new system include waste reduction and improved jobsite sustainability.  

The system also allows users to estimate material quantities more accurately before work starts, as well as consuming less asphalt during the paving process, delivering major cost benefits.

Both Trimble WorksOS Software and Trimble WorksManager Software are supported by Trimble Roadworks version 2.10 on compatible pavers, increasing connectivity between the field and the office and making it easy to share design files, generate productivity reports, analyse elevations and more.

"Asphalt pavers can be difficult to steer effectively," said Kevin Garcia, general manager for Trimble Civil Specialty Solutions. "Horizontal Steering Control and screed width control makes it easier for operators to deliver a higher quality surface and get up to speed quickly, and makes the job easier and less exhausting for operators."

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