Trimble’s innovative machine control tools

Trimble is introducing an array of technology solutions for machine control as well as surveying.
Connected Construction / June 24, 2024 1 minute 15 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Utilising the new Roadworks Paving Control Platform for Mills and Cold Planers from Trimble allows contractors to meet more precise specifications quickly

The firm is offering the sophisticated Roadworks Paving Control Platform for Mills and Cold Planers. This package runs on an Android operating system and allows operators to control cutting depth of the milling drum, to project design specifications.
The firm says that the software is highly intuitive to use. The system allows operators to meet demanding specifications on complex projects, minimising over-cutting and delivering a smoother surface for airport runways, highways, racetracks and other projects requiring optimum smoothness.

“Complex paving projects such as airport runways and highways have some of the tightest specifications in construction,” said Kevin Garcia, general manager of Civil Specialty Solutions at Trimble. “Trimble Roadworks for milling and cold planing takes both the guesswork and the re-work out of milling, making it easy for operators to mill precisely to a 3D design elevation. The benefits of this extend throughout the entire paving process, creating less work for pavers, decreasing asphalt usage, and increasing overall surface smoothness.”

The milling and cold planing software features the same user interface as existing Trimble Roadworks applications. The system is compatible with Trimble WorksManager software, which manages data transfer and tracks construction technology equipment across jobsites, and with Trimble Business Center software, which is used to generate 3D milling plans and comprehensive production reports.

The company has also developed a cost-effective machine control package aimed at firms looking to use technology, without spending heavily. This system uses the firm’s BX992 receiver and is designed for use with excavators.

With the BX992 cab-mount receiver and the small and lightweight Trimble Zephyr 3 Rugged antennas, designed to withstand high shock and vibration environments, this configuration costs less than the Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform systems, without compromising functionality.

And a novel system from Trimble offers the basic capabilities for both surveying and machine control. This is a solution aimed at use on compact machines weighing no more than 15tonnes. The firm says that the system is aimed at smaller firms looking to start using machine control technology, but without wanting to invest in costly packages. The multitool approach offers basic surveying and machine control capabilities in a simple package that is said to be easy to use.

The tablet device that forms part of the package can be used for surveying purposes by a contractor. It can then be fitted to a machine and also be used as the machine control display. The machine is also fitted with an antenna as well as sensors and a Bluetooth connection. 

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