Asphalt planning attachment

Simex is widening its range of planer attachments with the introduction of the new PL 2000 model. This shares technical features with the existing PL 1000, PL 1200 and PL 1500 models, but is larger and more powerful.
Maintenance / bauma 2022 / July 27, 2022


The previous top-of-the-range model from the firm was the PL 1500 model, with a 1.5m-wide drum. However, the new PL 2000 features a 2m-wide drum, making the largest planer attachment currently on the market for use with compact loaders.

The unit is said to be highly durable and is able to cope with tough operating conditions. The quality of the milling drum is said to be high due to the use of robotic welding during manufacture, which ensures a rugged and durable tooth holder offering both longevity and performance.

The PL 2000 can be mounted on new generation skid steer loaders and compact tracked loaders featuring high hydraulic power. Features include independent depth adjustment of the slides on the right and left sides, to ensure flat surfaces with side-by-side passes, as well as a hydraulic side shift that allows milling flush to the walls or sidewalks. In addition, a floating transverse tilt allows the operator to keep the planer aligned to the road surface even when the base machine is not parallel to the ground. The units have the proven Simex self-levelling system, which ensures a constant milling depth regardless of the conditions of the road surface. Also fitted are the firm’s dust suppression system with integrated and increased water tank as well as Simex’s own Performer device, which helps to keep the correct speed of advance.

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