Efficient binder and chipsealing machine innovation

An innovative solution for binder and chipsealing applications is now available from Secmair. The firm’s new Chipsealer CT is a versatile machine combining both binder and chips applications.
Asphalt milling, paving & compaction / bauma 2022 / September 28, 2022
Secmair is offering an innovative solution for binder and chipsealing applications
Secmair is offering an innovative solution for binder and chipsealing applications

According to Secmair, the machine can be adapted to a range of jobsites and for duties such as surface dressing, tack coating before the hot asphalt mix, coating and priming and localised treatments. The chip application rate is optimised to ensure that there is no waste and the system is said to ensure accuracy and quality during application, providing the same level of quality as for conventional surface dressing equipment.

The machine is controlled by a single operator who sits in the cab, with high visibility of the worksite and optimised safety. A camera at the front of the vehicle provides visibility of the working area.

The CHIPSEALER CT is equipped with a proven conveyor belt discharge system while the telescopic spraybar allows maximum spreading widths of up to 4.4m. Tank capacities can range from 4,000-9,000litres, depending on the customer requirements.

The cab features joystick controls with a screen showing all key parameters, while the unit has automatically controlled application. Other key features include an exclusive valve block to manage the binder, precise dosing and transversal distribution. The controls ensure that the unit will apply the correct quantities of materials. Other important features include thermal insulation and heating, a system that minimise fuel consumption and an efficient purging control that is 100% automatic and ensures that there is no waste left on the ground.

The CHIPSEALER CT can be equipped with the firm’s new pilot system, which allows a more precise patch application without overconsumption of materials. For patching, the DUOSPRAY option is said to ensure optimal dosage on all the application width, while enriching jets ensure that the chips adhere to the sides of the area being repaired.

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