A new tyre ensures transport performance for Goldhofer at bauma

A key advance for Goldhofer is the introduction of its patented CARGOPLUS tyre design, which boosts performance across the range for its latest load carrying equipment. The radical new tyre offers a low profile combined with a high load carrying capability.
Engines, Components & Tyres / bauma 2022 / October 25, 2022
Key to Goldhofer’s new trailer designs is its new tyre
Key to Goldhofer’s new trailer designs is its new tyre

Matthias Ruppel, CEO of Goldhofer, commented: “It’s a revolutionary tyre that gives us the advantage of a smaller diameter and a higher load.”

Loading height is reduced by up to 75mm, which is a significant reduction. This can make the difference between a piece of heavy equipment being transported on a trailer being able to pass under a low headroom bridge or tunnel … or having to be diverted and causing delays in equipment arriving on time.

 There are different CARGOPLUS tyres in the range. The 60 model can carry a 10tonne load and a speed rating of 80km/h, while the 80 model offers a 12tonne axled load and a speed rating of 80km/h.

The new tyres help boost performance for the latest load carrying units from the firm also such as the TRAILSTAR trailer. The design has been optimised to ensure stability, while maintenance needs have been reduced.  

According to Ruppel: “By using the new CARGOPLUS tyres we can reach a loading height of just 720mm.”

Meanwhile, the STEPSTAR semi-trailer uses proven technology but now features forced steering for greater versatility as well as a remote control system for safe loading and unloading.  

Also benefiting from improved performance due to the new CARGOPLUS tyres are the latest ARCUS, SELF TRACKING and FT SERIES models from Goldhofer.

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