Sennebogen goes green with new electric model

Sennebogen is introducing electric machines for the crane and material handling sector.
bauma 2022 / July 27, 2022
Sennebogen unveils electric model
Sennebogen unveils electric model

The move towards electric power is evident in the German company’s range, with the electric 817 E materials handler able to work for six hours unplugged.

“In the recycling industry, we have companies undertaking two shifts/day, so you need to recharge,” said Sennebogen’s director of marketing, Michael Ibarth. “The concept is that, while you recharge, you can still operate. The only limitation is that you can’t drive around; you’re more or less stationary in one spot. But in the industry, that’s often very possible, for example on a shredder or separation processing line.”

Making its debut is the 300tonne 855 G material handler: “We’ve never brought anything like this in size before. As far as we know, there’s never been anything similar,” Ibarth said.

The 855 G follows on from last year’s introduction of the 835G Hybrid material handler, which the company describes as the start of the new G series generation of machines. The 835 G features a 188-kilowatt Stage V diesel engine and what Sennebogen’s Green Hybrid energy recovery system. As a result, the machine gains additional working speed and even increases handling performance with lower consumption. This means a reduction of around 30% in fuel costs, according to Sennebogen.

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