Big power from Kubota’s V3307 micro-hybrid engine for short, high-demand working

Kubota’s new V3307 Micro-Hybrid Engine, the first of the company’s micro-hybrid powerplants, is “the perfect solution for short, high-demand applications,” says the manufacturer.
CONEXPOCON/AGG 2023 / March 16, 2023
The Kubota’s V3307 is the first in a line of micro-hybrid engines that the company is pushing out into the market
The Kubota’s V3307 is the first in a line of micro-hybrid engines that the company is pushing out into the market

At its launch, Ko Shiozaki, Kubota manager for sales promotions in the engine division, said that the V3307 provides power assistance during peak performance, using electric power to compensate for high loads instantaneously.

For some applications, high load is required for only a fraction of the total work time. The engine’s 10kW electric motor-assist function allows customers to match those high load demands and select an engine with an output power tailored to the low and medium load regions of frequent use.

The engine has a straightforward design with three main components: a DC converter, a lithium-ion battery, and a motor generator attached to the existing engine model.

The hybrid system is controlled by the engine control unit (ECU). This is made possible by rewriting the software in the existing ECU, available only to Kubota engines, according to the manufacturer. No additional ECU is required for hybrid control.

The engine is equipped with a 48V motor generator, providing high torque with quick response – boosting overall work efficiency. At low speeds, the motor provides up to 70Nm of torque assistance.

Designed for applications that demand an immediate response to instantaneous peak overloads within the typical machine duty cycle, the power assist Micro-Hybrid system supports the engine by delivering an additional electrical power boost of up to 10kW.

An instantly available torque curve offers efficiency boosts at the most crucial time, while recuperating and recharging its battery pack when not initiated, says Kubota, adding that these innovations push the boundaries in areas of fuel efficiency, power density and adaptability.

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