Hydrogen power for Kubota’s new range of clean engine options

Kubota is introducing a new 3.8litre internal combustion (IC) engine that runs on hydrogen. This four-cylinder power unit features a similar design to petrol/gasoline engines and uses spark ignition, delivering 85kW. The power output suits a number of duties such as a 45kVA generator.
CONEXPOCON/AGG 2023 / March 14, 2023
Kubota is introducing a range of clean engine options
Kubota is introducing a range of clean engine options

The firm also says that it offers diesel engines able to run on gas to liquid (GTL) and hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuels complying with the appropriate quality standards, enabling a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 90% with no engine modifications needed.

Kubota believes that a hybrid system combining engine and electrical power is an effective solution for reducing CO2 from industrial engines, power units which require high output and high load levels.

The D1803 P1 Hybrid engine is compact and highly robust with an integrated motor generator embedded within the flywheel housing. With the P1 Hybrid engine, the motor only assists for the brief periods in which high output is required.

The switch between engine and electric motor drive will be offered with the D1105 P2 Hybrid engine, which offers a rated output of 18.5kW at 3000 rpm. This D1105 P2 Hybrid model also offers the ability to transition between diesel engine drive and electric motor drive while in operation. The advantage here is that in areas where emissions or noise are a concern, the engine can be stopped and switched to the electric motor. Production of the new D1105 P2 Hybrid is scheduled to start in 2025.

In another development, Kubota says that its V3307 Micro-Hybrid engine will be go into production later this year, offering a straightforward design with three main components: a DC converter, a lithium-ion battery and a motor generator attached to the existing engine model. And, because Kubota’s electronically-controlled diesel engine is a three-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 0.898litres and an output of 18.5kW at a rated speed of 3600 rpm, black smoke emissions have been reduced to an invisible level during startup, acceleration and sudden load … all as a result of the new TVCR combustion system.

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