Cat’s new AP 455 world paver will offer different screeds to suit the needs of each local market

Caterpillar is offering its AP 455 paver for the world market, with different screeds to suit the needs of each region. A spokesperson for the firm said, “We’ll have it in all regions except China.”
CONEXPOCON/AGG 2023 / April 3, 2023
Caterpillar offers its AP 455 paver for the world market
Caterpillar offers its AP 455 paver for the world market

Power for the tractor unit comes from a Cat C3.6 diesel rated at 90kW and which meets the Tier 4 Final/Stage V emissions requirements, with a new variable speed fan to help with cooling. The AV47 screed variants are made at the Caterpillar plant in Minnesota while the tractor unit is manufactured in the firm’s Chinese facility.

The machine is available with the SE47VT screed, a tamper bar model for the international market. Meanwhile, the SE47V screed is a vibration only unit aimed at customers in North America, though it will also suit market needs in Latin America and Australia. The firm also offers the SE47FM front mount screed as an alternative.

Users of the version for North America with the SE47V screed can set up the screed using improved controls mounted on either side. Meanwhile the version with the SE47VT tamper bar type integrates the controls in one unit. The version with the SE47VT screed also benefits from the firm’s PaveStart system, which retains the screed settings used for a job. This allows the machine to be restarted with the same screed settings after a break in working or a following day.

Full hydraulic screed extension for all the variants is 4.7m, which can be extended to 6m for the tamper bar variant for example. A proportional control is fitted for the screed extension and retraction and the machine is supplied ready for use with 3D controls.

An improved feature of the new AP 455 is an integrated generator delivering 25kW and which powers the 240V AC heating system. The improved screed heating system offers a fast heating up time, having the machine ready for use in just 20-25 minutes according to the firm.

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