A clean running engine from Cummins

Cummins is introducing a fuel-agnostic engine platform able to run on hydrogen, biogas and diesel. This innovative 15litre engine offers OEMs the opportunity to accelerate the decarbonisation of heavy-duty off-highway applications.
CONEXPOCON/AGG 2023 / February 7, 2023
Cummins is offering a fuel agnostic engine
Cummins is offering a fuel agnostic engine

The new platform is designed for the next level of emissions controls and offers a significant increase in power density with a more compact installation envelope. This allows OEMs to increase machine capability and productivity with no impact on running cost.

The fuel-agnostic architecture of the engine from Cummins uses a common base engine with cylinder heads and fuel systems specifically tailored for hydrogen, natural gas, diesel and biofuels including HVO.

The 15litre hydrogen engine will be available with ratings from 300-400kW and a peak torque of 2,600Nm. For applications powered by renewable biogas, this engine will offer slightly lower power ratings with a peak torque of 2,500Nm available. The diesel version will offer a broad power range of 335-485kW, with a 3,200Nm peak torque.

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