Cummins expands fuel-agnostic engine offering

Engines, Components & Tyres / April 25, 2024 1 minute Read
By Mike Woof
Cummins is expanding its range of fuel agnostic engines further

Cummins is expanding its range of fuel-agnostic engines further with the introduction of its new X15 unit. The firm says that this advanced 15litre engine offers reliability and lower operating costs as well as reduced emissions and improved fuel efficiency.

The engine is part of the CUMMINS HELM platform and offers customers the option to choose the fuel that best suits their needs. The common base can have cylinder heads and fuel systems specifically tailored for a single fuel- advanced diesel, natural gas or hydrogen.

The X15 for Off Highway offers ratings up to 522kW and a peak torque of 3200Nm, meeting Stage V emissions and stricter requirements to come. The X15 engine offers fuel consumption as low as 180g/kWh, reducing TCO and lifetime CO2 emissions. It has extended maintenance intervals up to 1000 hours, reducing service costs and downtime.

Beau Lintereur, executive director Off Highway at Cummins, said: “It is a state-of-the-art clean sheet engine designed with more capability and less environmental impact. The Cummins X15 offers fantastic power density for high duty cycle applications, meaning it can displace larger comparative engines, reducing operating costs and overall emissions from equipment in-field.”

The firm is also introducing its novel hydrogen storage system. This allows hydrogen to be stored at high pressure for use in the new engine models.

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