Novel rubber tyre roller from Hamm

The innovative HP 100i articulated pneumatic-tyre roller is said to offer high performance and productivity.
CONEXPOCON/AGG 2023 / February 22, 2023
Hamm’s new rubber tyred roller offers high productivity
Hamm’s new rubber tyred roller offers high productivity

The base weight of the roller is 6tonnes and can be increased to up to 10tonnes using different ballast kits. With five wheels on the front axle and four wheels on the rear axle, the new pneumatic-tyre roller has a working width of 1725mm. The overlap of the tyre tracks is said to result in homogeneous compaction. At the same time, the three-point articulated joint is said to deliver high manoeuvrability. The roller can be used for applications chipseal and asphalt compaction on smaller construction sites. A water-sprinkling system and various scrapers can be integrated on request. Working speed can be adjusted directly at the driving lever. A novel speed control system depending on the steering angle means that the roller can always be manoeuvred accurately through curves despite the high final speed.

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