Novel saw attachments from Simex

Simex is now offering its D-BLADE 200 floor saw for use with skid steer loaders. This novel unit features a diamond blade and can cut depths up to 200mm deep. The Simex asphalt saw is ideal for linear cuts on road surfaces, concrete and for creating expansion joints on continuous surfaces.
CONEXPOCON/AGG 2023 / February 7, 2023
Simex is now offering saw attachments
Simex is now offering saw attachments

The unit suits use for the removal of predefined sections of asphalt for subsequent restoration or for the opening of new road manholes. It can also be used to make sharp cuts for laying fiber optic cables. The clean and burr-free cut produces minimal quantities of waste material and avoids trench deformation, facilitating the filling phase and the quality of the restoration.

Simex now offers for the US market 15 models of wheel saws specifically designed for reduced set-section trenches. The attachments are included into four product ranges: RW, T and D-BLADE for loaders and skid steers, RWE for excavator boom mounting.

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