CIFA K36L-5, a 5-arm concrete pump like never before

CIFA presents a new truck-mounted pump model: K36L-5 - where “K” stands for truck mounted pump. Meanwhile, “36” stands for the length in metres of the boom, “L” for Steeltech line (the most customisable and highest-quality line in the product range) and finally “5” for the number of boom sections. The new product is being launched with the slogan “5 arms like never before” to underline the peculiarity of this machine, a novel pump in its size class, thanks to its sophisticated smart boom and light weight.
September 7, 2021

K36L-5 was designed by CIFA to be the perfect concrete pump for every jobsite - especially the tightest ones - and for every operator, even the least experienced. It is the answer to the operational needs of workers and companies in the industry, where ease of use of a vehicle and the resulting savings in time have become two essential aspects.

Smart boom for easy operations

CIFA236L-5 has a very smart boom to pump in every situation, even the most complex placements. This is made possible thanks to the five sections and above all to the new continuous rotation joint on the last section. The major difference when using a rotor is simplicity use and time savings: it is easier to unfold and move in indoor construction sites because the rotor enables any boom positioning and rotation in both directions.

  • Simplicity of unfolding thanks to the ability to rotate the last section on both sides.
  • Wide range of use and movements of the last section without moving the rest of the sections.
  • Ease of use indoors or if the machine is placed outdoors and it is necessary to enter the building. The new rotor is reliable, lighter and it allow electrical and pneumatic connection, it is also a standard feature on K36L-5 model.

Engineered for small spaces

The base frame of the K36L-5 has been designed to match compactness and lightweight. The key improvement is the linear stabilisation on the rear. This layout makes any placement possible, even the most complex ones because, compared to the rear swing-out outriggers, it takes up much less space on the ground. In addition, the K36L-5 can be mounted on three-axle chassis with short wheelbases from 4-4.5m. In this way the machine it is always manageable, even in city centres or mountainous areas. K36L-5 can be mounted on every truck brand.

Safe and efficient solutions

CIFA2Thanks to the automatic functions included in Smartronic – the management system made by CIFA - the stabilisation of the K36L-5 is easy and safe. Having K36L-5 with Smartronic means maximising the efficiency of the machine and its safety of use with ASC and MBE functions:

  • Advanced Stability Control represents the best stability system on the market to get the most of the use of the machine. The system is intelligent and maximises the work area based on the effective opening of the stabilisers. When approaching a limit situation, it works by first slowing down the boom, and eventually stopping it before reaching a critical stability configuration.
  • MBE function - Max Boom Extension – is the cleverest system in the concrete world. It is a system that determines the maximum distance that can be reached with the boom with a partial opening of the stabilisation, before opening the boom.

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